In connection with the terrible events in Ukraine, our project announces a fundraiser to help children affected by the war in Ukraine. The collected funds we will use for evacuation and medical assistance:

- orphans who have lost their parents
- children with disabilities

Funds will be collected and spent through Alama Fund Inc.
We will publish all spending reports.

Alama Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization as recognized
by the Internal Revenue Service

Engaging Lives for Aging Adults

Rejuvenating programs and resources for aging adults to enjoy fulfilling and active lives within their communities

Did You Know?

• In 10 years, 1 in 5 US citizens will be 65+
• In 20 years, individuals over 85 will quadruple
• About 7% of aging adults reside in assisted living facilities or nursing homes
• About 93% of aging adults live amongst the community
• Existing programs and resources are not equipped to deal with the current volume of aging adults in the US
• A rise in the population of aging adults in 10 years will put significant strain on public resources, living facilities, and the economy
• The increase in average age expectancy puts continued strain on social security beneficiaries for a longer period of time
• For the first time in history, our nation will be supporting the largest group of aging adults and elders

Alama’s Story

“Remember friend, as you pass by, as you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so you must be. Prepare yourself to follow me.”

If you needed to go into a nursing home right now, would you feel safe? Nurtured? If your survival depended on public resources and social security, would you feel secure? Stable? In 10 years, 1 in 5 US citizens will need additional senior care of some kind. Our nation needs more focus and attention on aging adult care than ever before in our history. It’s critical to ensure purposeful and fulfilling lifestyles and resources for our seniors now, for our loved ones, and for ourselves.

Alama sees a nation equipped to care for its growing senior population. We see our aging adults engaged symbiotically within their communities. Within 5 years, Alama aims to establish programs and resources that provide for aging adults online, in the community, and in home care. Within 10 years, we aim to expand programs and resources to certified institutes, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Above all, Alama values communication, compassion, and independence. Our mission is dedicated to these elements in all we create for our senior and person in care citizens.

Our Projects

The Infinite Mind
Dementia Project

Open your mind, think for yourself, delve deeper than the mainstream information about dementia

Music Sensory Project

Help Alama access corners of consciousness by granting seniors access to music therapy

Golden Your Years

Training and resources for aging adults to capitalize on their skills and expertise and build financial security

Come grow old with me,
the best is yet to be

When you make a donation to Alama or one of its projects, you’re ensuring fulfilling golden years for your loved ones and yourself. Through the development and rejuvenation of programs and resources, aging adults can look forward to proper security, independence, person centered care, and actively engaged living.

Rabble Rousers and #Age-itators

Cal Brown,
Entrepreneur turned philanthropist, and anything but a stereotype, Cal has has successfully built and sold multiple technology businesses, now focused on bringing as much success to nonprofit and giving back to the community in structured and meaningful ways. In the above photo, Cal, visiting a Ukrainian orphanage his company was supporting in 2016, promised to draw a portrait for every single child. The children were thrilled, cherishing the gifts almost as much as the new beds, brand new clothes, and state of the art computer learning lab they funded.
Aly Greenway Cook,
Project Manager
Aly is an entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box thinker whose heart’s desire is to be useful to those around her. With her creative background and diligent work ethic she intends to lead the Alama Foundation in groundbreaking results in quality of life while aging with grace for those the Foundation serves.
Simon Kogan,
Simon has a lifetime of legal and financial experience from Moscow to New England. He now dedicates his extensive business acumen to nonprofits. His subtle, effective and introspective nature combined with his analytical open mind, works to keep The Alama Foundation transparent and financially healthy.
Leo Dreyfus,
A puzzle wrapped in a puzzle, inside a puzzle. Accomplished many things others said were impossible. "Knows a lot of stuff" is the only sub-page summary worthwhile.
Rebekah DeMartino,
Over a decade of marketing and writing expertise; now focused on driving attention to the needs and goals of our growing senior population

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